Franchisor Support

What support does our Head Office / Franchisor provide?

Economy of scale: Since our head office purchases tens of thousands of bearings, turbines, chuck/spindles etc. from reputable suppliers, we receive better than wholesale prices for our parts, tools and shipping.

On-call Support: Our head office has 3 on-call technical experts available to assist (via web cam or phone) any technicians, having problems with an obsolete or difficult to repair handpiece.

Head Office Repair Centre: Although most handpieces are repaired in the regional offices, our Head Office has a fully staffed repair centre to assist with fiber optic, and handpieces that require a repair specialist (ie. Fiber optic replacement). Our technicians at Head Office have been repairing thousands of handpieces per year, since 1992. If our technicians cannot repair your handpiece, then no one can.

Business Relationships: Through the years, The Dentist’s Choice has not only developed strong business relationships with parts suppliers such as Sable, Timken, Myonic, Barden etc., but also strong relationships with manufacturers as well, including Midwest, Kavo, Bein Air, Star, Henry Schein etc. Not only do the manufacturers provide us with training and tools to repair their handpieces, the discounts our manufactures’ provide us are second to none.

Training: Regular training upgrades as well as regional meetings are provided. Our Head Office makes handpiece repair easy, providing up-to-date repair manuals, containing schematics of all handpieces, with repair illustrations signifying which tools and parts to use for each handpiece.